Frquently Asked Questions

Can my family inherit my timeshare?


74% of timeshares have consumers in lifetime contracts, many of which have perpetuity commitments*. While the issue of inheritance is a legal one for which you should seek legal counsel, some timeshare interests might continue to burden an owner’s heirs or estate after the owner’s passing. 

*State of the Vacation Timeshare Industry: United States Study, 2017 Edition, 2017

How do I get started?


Simple! Give us a call or send us a message in the Contact Us section! One of our professional team members will reach out to you and discuss your options to start the process! 

How long will the process take?


While each case is different, you can expect the whole process to take a year or less. There are many variables that go into effect but we make every effort to make the process as quick as we can.