Frquently Asked Questions

Can my family inherit my timeshare?


Timeshare's carry beyond a life sentence. However you got your Timeshare, in the deed somewhere, there is a perpetuity agreement. It is usually tough to read or decipher because of the small writing but it states..."It's grantee, it's successors and assigns, forever as joint tenants of full rights of survivorship and not as tenants in common; and grantor does hereby bind itself, it's heirs, successors and assigns to warrant and forever defend all and singular the property. " So in other words, when they told you in the presentation that you get to give this to your kids, you don't have a choice. This gets attached to your estate hence "deeded" and someone such as successors or heirs will be responsible for this Timeshare after you go to the big resort in the sky! Everyone was sold DECEPTIVELY!  

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How do I get started?


Simple! Give us a call or send us a message in the Contact Us section! One of our professional team members will reach out to you and discuss your options to start the process! 

How long will the process take?


There are over 2300 Timeshares worldwide! The process can be completed as fast as 90 days but each situation is different. This is why we offer a guarantee!  There are many variables that go into effect but we make every effort to make the process as quick as we can. Learn more by giving us a call!